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Fertility as an Abundance Practice: A Guide for Women Over 35 Struggling with Infertility

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Fertility as an Abundance Practice: A Guide for Women Over 35 Struggling with Infertility in Their 40s 


For women over 35 grappling with infertility, especially those in their 40s, the journey to conception can feel like an uphill battle. However, reframing fertility as a form of abundance rather than scarcity can offer newfound hope and empowerment for women trying to conceive. Let's explore how efforts to improve fertility holistically can illuminate the path to natural conception for women in their 40s.

Understanding Fertility as a practice of Abundance:  

Fertility is often viewed through a lens of scarcity, particularly for women in their 40s, when fertility declines with age. A simple review of common phrases used in the infertility space demonstrate how struggles with fertility can reinforce a lack mentality- progesterone deficiency, not enough cervical mucus, lack of micronutrients & vitamins, low metabolism, underactive thyroid- the list is endless. However, it's crucial to shift this perspective and recognize that when we are calling in fertility, we really are manifesting an embodied form of abundance. Like any form of manifesting, a desired outcome like conception can become reality through repetitive action and ritual. Despite the biological challenges and negative stigma associated with advanced maternal age, many women in their 40s conceive naturally and go on to manifest life and become mothers.

Embracing fertility as abundance means acknowledging the inherent potential within our bodies and trusting in our innate capacity to create life. It's about cultivating a mindset of positivity, nurturing actions of resilience, and faith in our ability to conceive, even in our 40s.

Optimizing Natural Fertility in Your 40s:

While fertility may decline with age, there are still proactive steps women in their 40s can take to optimize their chances of conceiving naturally. Here are some daily rituals we tailored to women over 35 struggling with infertility at the 90 Day Fertility Fix Program:

1. Self-Care: Invest in your physical, emotional, and mental well-being by prioritizing self-care activities that nourish your body and spirit. Yoni steaming, spiritual baths, womb and breast massage are examples of key components of our fertility rituals.

2. Body Literacy through charting our Menstrual Cycle: Monitoring your menstrual cycle, basal body temperature, cervical details and ovulation patterns can help you identify your most fertile days and optimize timing for conception. This shouldn't be a burden. Technology like Tempdrop allows us to gather all of this information and more while we get our beauty rest.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Food should be viewed as an act of nourishment not restriction and stress. At age 30 we stop developing human growth hormones, therefore, adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial for supporting a fertile lifestyle; Especially for women trying to conceive in their 40s. Conceiving is something your body can do when it feels like its cup is full and abundant, not from deprivation and lack. Food is a touchy subject and it can get complicated, that is why our program teaches you HOW to eat for hormone health, WHAT  to eat for your body type and WHEN in your menstrual cycle to eat it.

4. Fertility-Friendly Supplements: The internet is flooded with supplements that claim to support reproductive health and enhance fertility. However, supplements are something that should be tailored based on YOUR particular health profile and barriers to infertility. We take the guesswork out of your fertility and provide every woman in the 90 Day Fertility Fix with a customized protocol to make sure we address the particular root causes issues of infertility.

5. Natural Fertility Practices: Together Explore holistic approaches to fertility, such as Kundalini Yoga, menstruation rituals, spirit baby work and ancestral rituals are alternative modalities that help promote oxytocin & balance hormones, improve circulation to the reproductive organs, and reduce stress ultimately enhancing your body's fertility potential.

6. Maintain Hope and Positivity : Cultivate a fertile mindset and maintain hope throughout your fertility journey. This is easier said and done. We facilitate a fertile and abundant mindset through somatic practices. Releasing the mind and body from previous trauma, pregnancy loss and fears surrounding whether your body is truly capable of conceiving is key. We surround you with supportive women who uplift and encourage you so that together you can manifest your dreams of conception and motherhood.

Conclusion: For women over 35 struggling with infertility, embracing fertility abundance offers a powerful paradigm shift that can reignite hope and resilience on the path to conception. By adopting a proactive approach to fertility optimization, prioritizing self-care, and maintaining a positive mindset, women can enhance their natural fertility potential and increase their chances of conceiving naturally even in their 40s. Remember, fertility is not defined by age alone – it's a manifestation of the abundance of life within us, waiting to be nurtured and realized. Let us be your guides!

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